Black Tequila By Javier D. Bernal

Two and one-half stars

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This is an incredibly difficult book for me to review. It has an interesting plot, quality characters – especially the strong females, a good storyline, and several twists and turns. The author builds tension throughout the story with several exciting scenes. He takes us from Jericho to New York, involves the Israeli Army, the Palestinian Forces, trading on Wall Street, and drug dealers. However, and this is where my difficulty comes in, he interrupts the tension with backstory. Several times I put the story down vowing not to finish. If I hadn’t agreed to review it, I wouldn’t have finished. For example, he provides a good beginning hook with, “The day it all happened…” Then it takes ten chapters to find out what “it” was. Sometimes I felt he was adding backstory only to lengthen the book.

Once again, the plot and characters are interesting there is just too much interruption of action with backstory.