Logging Off By Nick Spalding

Three Stars

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Our hero, Andy Bellows, is addicted to electronic devices and the internet. The first thing he does each day and the last thing he does each evening is to attach himself to the world electronically. This activity is causing him medical problems serious enough to send him to the doctor. The doctor recommends disconnecting, much like AA members quit drinking and dry out. His friend is a writer for the local paper and takes it upon himself to write about Andy’s withdrawal from the electronic world. This creates for Andy a following he does not want.

The book takes you through his life as he struggles mightily without the internet. The author visualizes how Andy’s life will change, much of it for the better, but he also shows how responsible use of the internet can be useful and even lifesaving. It is a well-written story, much of it amusing. I didn’t find it laugh out loud funny, but I did find myself grinning in several places. My major complaint is the amount of time spent on Andy’s bowel movements. Bathroom humor is not interesting to me.

I gave it three out of five stars because the plot is not particularly deep, the story is not hard to figure out even with a few twists and turns, and too much information about bowel movements. Discounting the bathroom humor, it is an enjoyable read with several funny parts, especially his first date set up through the newspaper personals. I hope you enjoy reading it.