Need to Know by Karen Cleveland

Four Stars.

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Married couple Vivian and Matt seem to be the happy pair raising four children. They live near Washington, DC, where she is a CIA analyst. Matt is a software engineer who works from home and takes care of the children while Vivian is at work. This causes her to seem detached from the children, yet she is crazy about Matt and thankful to have him. However, all is not as it seems.

Vivian discovers something at work that sets to tear her family apart. She is absolutely devoted to her children and will do whatever she thinks she needs to do to keep them safe and happy. Because she uses that desire as her guide, she gets deeper and deeper into trouble. I don’t like to give away the plot but I will say that the Russians are involved.

The author tells the story through Vivian’s eyes, thoughts, and feelings so well that one can believe it’s really happening. I would have given the story five stars except for the ending. I thought it was a bit cliched, but it’s the only way it could end if the author desires a series with Vivian as her protagonist.  Well worth the time if you like psychological thrillers.