SS-GB By Len Deighton

Five Stars

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The right author wrote this book. Mr. Dieghton is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, that deals with the Third Reich. And he is an expert on murder mysteries. How could this not be an outstanding tale victory while in the vise of one of the most evil governments ever to pollute the earth? His primary antagonist is Douglas Archer, Superintendent of Detectives, and known as Archer of the Yard to Londoners. His partner, Harry Woods, is many years his senior, Archer’s mentor, and thinks of Archer as the son he never had. These two make up the core of the murder squad.

The author interplays the rivalries between the Wehrmacht, the Gestapo, and the Wafen SS to heighten the tension. The murder that Archer’s “Murder Squad” investigates is of a scientist killed in his apartment and anyone who knows anything isn’t talking. That leads to the intrigue, which incorporates an active underground, a recently arrived senior SS member who tries to take over at the yard, Archer’s minimal family life, and a new-found love.

Mr. Deighton wends through the complex and active plot with plausible encounters and tops it with an exciting skirmish involving U.S. Marines. For mystery and thriller fans, he makes it seem like it actually happened. Highly recommended.