The Exes’s Revenge by Jo Jakeman

Four Stars

The author has come out of the gate with a bang. I have to admit this is more of a novel for the female readers, but she led me along with intrigue, twists, and turns of the plot. The antagonist, Imogene, is an abused spouse of a supposedly well-liked policeman, or copper, as they say in England. Philip, her husband and protagonist, uses both physical and mental abuse on Imogene. There is a divorced wife and a current girlfriend who play important roles in the story.

Throughout the novel, Imogene, the protagonist, is desperate to separate from her husband and keep him away from their son, who she is afraid will be hurt by Philip. She is afraid to contact the police because they have a reputation of hiding domestic abuse when the cop is the guilty party. My only complaint is we know she survives and Philip dies because the novel opens with his funeral. Still, the story moves and the author’s writing provides the description and detail that puts the reader in the story.