The Ginseng Conspiracy, A Kay Driscoll Mystery By Susan Bernhardt

Five Stars

First, a disclaimer; I am not nor have I ever been related to the author. I am, however, glad I became acquainted with her writing. This cozy murder mystery takes place in a Sudbury, MN, a small town west of St. Paul. It is evident that Ms. Bernhardt loves where she lives. Her descriptive writing puts the reader in the middle of town. And in the middle of Marissa’s Pastry Shop, wow! I almost wanted to pick up and move. Then I remembered the snow, but that’s another story for another time.

Kay becomes suspicious about a death in her town and begins to investigate. She gets her two close friends involved and they surreptitiously scurry about the town picking up clues. The mystery centers around the area’s biggest agricultural crop-ginseng. Several murders are committed during her sleuthing, each providing a different clue. The one bad thing about serials is that we are reasonably sure the Protagonist is going to make, yet the author puts Kay in several situations making the reader wonder. The author’s style makes the reader want more. The tone, mood, plot, characterization, and excellent writing make this mystery well-worth the time.