The Last Agent By Robert Dugoni

Four Stars

Available September 22, 2020

Charles Jenkins served with distinction in the CIA for many years until the Russian job went wrong. He made a harrowing escape from Russia, returned to the United States, and was tried for treason. After the finding of not guilty, he took to living the life of a gentleman farmer in Washington with his wife and child. Then the CIA, once again, came calling. He needed to return to Russia where President Putin was still looking for him. Could he return and get back to the family he loved even though the mission was to save the person who saved him? The person who his daughter was named after?

Mr. Dugoni is the author of eleven other novels and knows how to put a thriller together. It comes with several interesting and surprising twists and turns. It could be called a page-turner except for his use of foreign languages I don’t read. I would be ripping through the story and be stopped cold by Russsian or Finnish dialogue followed closely by the translation. It would have been a much smoother read if I was told they were speaking in whatever language and given it to me in English. It would not have distracted from the plot and moved the story along.

For its one failure, I gave it four stars instead of five. It’s an excellent CIA agent thriller with intriguing descriptions of Russia which are incorporated into the plot well. I highly recommend it, and I am going to find some of his other books to read.

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