The Plague By Albert Camus

Five Stars

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As one should expect, this is an exceptionally written book. It tells of an imaginary plague hitting the city of Oran, Algeria, in the mid-nineteen-forties. Some say this book is written about the occupation of the city by Nazis, but Camus provided no validation to that theory. He writes about the onset of the plague with the appearance of dying rats, then the disease showing up in citizens. The story is not about the plague, but about how the citizens react to the death caused by it and the restrictions placed on them. His character development is superb as is his insight into human nature.

I read it now because of the pandemic hitting the world. Knowing how a Nobel-Prize winning author visualized human reaction to a similar incident might help me better observe the reactions of Americans today. I highly recommend all of Camus’s writings, especially The Plague. It is so appropriate for today’s experiences.