Two Nights by Kathy Reichs

5 Stars

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What a great find! I started reading Two Nights before I knew anything about Kathy Reichs. After reading a few chapters, I had to find out about the author. Her bio explained why it was so well written; the author is a forensic anthropologist and enhances her novel with accurate and intriguing physical details. Almost every chapter contained descriptions of physical ailments that I could almost feel.

Two Nights is a mesmerizing tale of an ex-cop, ex-military woman who tries to avoid other people. Sunday Night is intelligent, physically capable, and trained for counter-espionage actions. That’s why a wealthy Charleston matriarch hired her to find the people who bombed a school that killed her daughter and grandson among others and kidnapped her granddaughter.

Sunday Night’s quest takes her from Charleston, SC, to Chicago to California to Kentucky and back. She follows the twists and turns of the chase as they are presented. Along the way, attempts are made on her life. She kills some of the perpetrators and some of the perpetrators kill each other. All the while she is concerned about the kidnapped child.

If you are a fan of thrillers and mysteries with intriguing plots, you should read Two Nights. I know I’m going to read more stories by Kathy Reich.