When They Come For You by James W. Hall

Four Stars

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I had a hard time deciding how many stars to award to When They Come For You. The story is interesting, well-written, and includes enough information about the Chocolate industry to urge the reader to do more research. The author provides picturesque descriptions of the Ivory Coast, Miami, and Zurich so you feel as if you’re there. The action is descriptive and helps the plot. The reason I didn’t give it Five Stars is the protagonist. Harper McDaniel is a singularly unlikeable character. She’s abrasive, unappreciative, and a smartass. I had little feelings for her, so when she got herself into tough situations, I didn’t much care whether she survived or not. If you like this type of character, this book is for you. I’ve found other titles with tough women as the protagonist who much more appealing than Harper.